Instant Rasam Powder

This instant rasam powder is my mom's hit recipe. itstaste and aroma will be excellent.
It's best suited for bachelors & spinster who stay away from home. You can just add it 1tbsp of rasam powder to 1 big glass of water and boil it consume it has soup too.
To make rasam from this powder all you need to do is add the required quantity of powder to mashedtomato and add water and salt and allow it to boil. Finally, temper it and garnish with coriander. You rasam is done.

Ingredients: 1. Tamarind  - 500 gms (deseeded  and cleaned ) 2.Whole Black Pepper –  500gms 3.Cumin Seeds  - 500gms 4.Turmeric powder – 50gms 5.Toor Dal –  250gms 6.Channa dhal -250gms 7.Garlic  - 250 gms 8.Coriander Seeds – 150gms 9.Asafoetida  100gms 10.

vinayagar chaturthi Poornam & Dough for kozhukattai

Poornam forkozhukattai: Poornam recipe for kozhukattai which my mom use to make and which I follow now. It is very simple and easy too.  Right from my school days till now I eat this poornam plainly the taste of it will be that good and healthy too.
Ingredient: Method: 1.In a mixer jar 1st powder the Roasted groundnuts and fried gram. Keep it aside 2.Now powder the sesame seeds and jaggery together. Keep it aside. 3.Finally, in the mixer jar added both the above powder together and a pinch of cardamom powder and just wipe it twice so that all will blend together well. 4.Now poornam for kozhukattai is ready. As such this poornam can be eaten plain. Dough for kozhukattai There are 2 – 3 methods for making this dough. I’m going to share the method that I follow Ingredient: 1.Rice flour 2.Water 3.Salt 4.Oil
Method 1.In a pan/ mixing bowl take the required quantity of rice flour and dilute it by adding water. 2.Consistency should be a little thinner than our dosa batter. 3.Now to that batter add the requi…

Gobi 65 (All-time favorite)

Ingredients: 1.250g cauliflower(cut in to pieces) 2.1/3 cup maida / plain flour / all-purpose flour 3.1 tbsp corn flour 4.1 tbsp rice flour 5.1 tsp ginger garlic paste 6.½ tsp red chilli powder 7.¼ tsp Kashmiri red chilli powder 8.½tsp crushed pepper 9.½ tsp soya sauce 10.   Salt to taste 11.Water as required <

Veg Pulao

Some people will get confused with biryani & pulao. Below is the difference between both. 

Difference Between Biryani & Pulao 
S.No  Biryani Pulao We will add We will add 1 More whole Spices Less
whole spices 2 Green chilly Green chilly 2 More Mint leaves Less  Mint leaves